Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent News

Burlesque Noir is heading to Boston to compete in the main event in The Great Boston Burlesque Expo. Congratulations ladies.

I found this handy write up by Miss Julietta la Doll. She shares some common problems and solutions for when you have a mishap on stage.

There's gonna be a new burlesque theater in Denver! Props to Vivienne Vavoom and Burlesque As it Was! I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Denver.

Waaaaay back in December of 2004, I was checking out one of the yahoo groups while I was at work. There was a posting asking for performers. The ad listed that a goth themed burlesque troupe was forming and there was a need for dancers. I thought "Why the hell not. I need friends anyways." So a date was set for a meeting, we met, and the Burlesque Noir ball started rolling.

The pictures are not from the first show. I have no clue if there are any. They are from the second show at the Launchpad. 7.30.05. The first was the first piece I was in for Burlesque Noir. It was called Dragula, choreographed by the fiercest leader, Holly Rebelle. I had to learn how to spin a flag. Skill-set updated. That's Emmy Mayhem ( fucking awesome name), me Lil Heathen, and Holly. The second picture was one of the most EPIC pieces,Clash of the Tit-ans. Ivanna Takitov the ninja and I the pirate do a fierce striptease battle.

See, proof that I know what I'm talking about. Ha!

Anyway, after spending for years with those lovely ladies, I've decided to go the solo route so I can make this a freaking full time job so I won't ever have to work in an office again. EVER! In addition to dancing, there will be interviews, tips, tricks, and other tom-foolery. If you are interested in participating in this madness, leave a comment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


While you wait for decent content, have some Whitest Kids U Know.

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