Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's talk about Aromaleigh

I had briefly mentioned Aromaleigh before in a livejournal post and now I'm going to elaborate on them.

Aromaleigh is a cosmetics company that specializes in mineral makeup. The first thing that drew me in was the variety. If you thought MAC had the upper hand with its wide range of colors, think again. Aromaleigh has over 400 different eyeshadows alone! Bonus, it's budget friendly. Prices for the shadows run from $1.30 for a sample to $8.00 for a full sized jar.

I have ordered many shadows and lip glosses and lip cremes. If you like chocolate like I do, theobroma cocoa butter is used in the lip cremes. Yum!

Other good things, it's a women-owned, independent company and the products are cruelty free.

Another reason why I like this company is because a contest is going on right now to win a full sized set of the limited edition Spring Solstice eyeshadows. 22 fresh springs colors up for grabs just by writing a post about Aromaleigh. This is a contest open to all so get writing!! Full details on the contest are at Miss K's Blog (she's the owner).

I would honestly love to win this because it's nice to win something and you can never have too much makeup. Am I right?

Best of luck you guys!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Costume and Life Inspiration: Rick James


Ever since I cut my hair, I've been noticing the similarities between myself and the notorious Rick James.

I need these boots!!

Do you see it? I see it. 

These costumes are screaming to be in my possession.  Anytime there is a white chick in a thong with horns and fur n' leatha ankelets, you know a party is going on. There will be no sadness. Only celebration bitches!!

And I can't forget about the studded jumpsuit that is worn throughout the Super Freak video. I can't embed the video. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Makeup Inspiration: Christian Dior and John Galliano

I am loving the gold highlight above the lip. I can't wait to break this out either for a night on the town or for a show.

I also like the softer highlight on the Christian Dior model.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Burlesque Magazine

The launch issue is out now! Go to Burlesque Magazine and sign up for a subscription and read it!


I thought this was an interesting read

For those that want all the steps in one article. 

Costume Inspiration

Yup Watchmen post. 

It's all about that fierce bitch on the end, Silhouette.

Go bullet bra go!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

How not to: Be a Giant Twat

An issue has come up in our tiny little burly-q community. One very jealous performers has taken it upon herself to deem other performers inferior. I take issue with this because she is insulting my friends and YOU. DON'T. DO. THAT. EVER! It would be one thing if this bitch had talent. If she had talent, she would probably know what respect was. But she doesn't. It's laughable and just sad. She is really good example of how not to do burlesque and how to have a bad attitude about performing and how to fuck your chances of being respected in your community. She really needs to step off before she gets cunt-punched.
So, what's the best way to deal with someone like this? Why write a blog post and vent of course.
The best way would be to ignore it. It draws attention to her, which she doesn't need. No press is bad press right? Hold your own, keep being badass. That's the remedy. Eventually once the person realizes that they have shunned themselves, they will either slink back into their dark corner or get run out of town. ( Light the torches!)

Or there's the Showgirls solution and you can just push the bitch down the stairs.

She fell.

Or a burlesque dance off. Electric Slide in the house. But the best solution, let her get busted for a DWI.

In conclusion, how not to be a giant twat:
  • Don't shit where you eat.
  • Have some respect for yourself and other people.
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Choreography: You be a pain in my ass

It's easier for me to choreograph a burlesque piece because: I don't have to be serious.
I don't have to have a lot of moves. Keep it simple. Keep it sexy/sassy. Keep it silly.
It's harder for me to choreograph a belly dance piece because: Every fucking steps wants to allude me when I start to choreograph. I can walk around and figure out moves, but put them to music and everything leaks out of my brain. Errrrr. 
I'm trying to keep it simple as well. Three steps, repeat in any order. Smile. Mmmm. I'm taking fucking classes. Come on! I know dance steps. Why won't you come out of my head. Why do I only remember the egyptain walks?

The only way I can really hammer down the steps is to sit with mu ipod and write, rewind, write and rewind and write to get something out. Then go about practicing the moves, adding or subtracting as needed.

What are the ways you figure out your choreography?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Costume Inspiration

I seriously need the two Silk Spectre's costumes.

I like Sally's the best.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Costume Inspiration

This will probably be the only time I post about Britney Spears. But check out her Dsquared2 costumes from her Circus Tour. I love. The Cut has a slide show.

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Past News

Hey look, Burlesque Noir was featured in the Alibi's Burlesque issue.

This is the definition of the "sexy face".

Also featured in the same issue, Bella Donna Burlesque Review.

Annnd aerial burlesque performer September Smith.

Ad the lady who put the together the New Mexico Burlesque Festival, Kitty Irreverent.

Vivienne VaVoom performed here in Albuquerque last month for the 3rd Annaul Southwest Burlesque showcase. She had an article written in the Alibi about her as well.

(pictures from: Tina Larkin and Cora Reed via

Burlesque show for a Rape Crisis Centre not sitting well with some
Hmm.On one hand I can see this causing some trouble. Anything dealing with sex should probably be kept as far away from anything dealing with sex/explotation. On another, I totally agree with it.
"Feminist writer and former Queen's University academic Fionola Meredith said the inclusion of a burlesque dancer who bares her breasts in her shows was a "mistake".
"The Rape Crisis Centre is a great cause, and it deserves all the support and fundraising it can get. But engaging a burlesque star as part of the International Women's Day Cabaret is a mistake, and one that is in rather bad taste. Forget post-feminism and irony - Northern Ireland remains an old-fashioned sexist's paradise where women's rights are very far down the political agenda," she said. "Having a half-naked dancer prancing around provocatively in leopardskin stockings and bra simply reinforces the idea that women are first and foremost sexual objects."

It's quotes like this that make my head hurt and make me want to scream " YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!!"
"Eileen Calder, a veteran Northern Ireland feminist campaigner and co-director of the Belfast Rape Crisis Centre, justified the decision to invite Amber Topaz to perform. "Women are taking back their sexuality and there is a vast difference between erotica and pornography. We don't exist to promote prudishness, I believe women are entitled to be sexual beings and feel comfortable in their sexuality.

"Our femininity is not something we should be ashamed of."

The"offender" in question.

This is why I agree with it; I know so many girls, (myself included) who have benefited from doing burlesque. You get an amazing confidence and self respect boost. As it states in the article, lots of shows are attended by a majority of women. Lots of troupes are lead by women. How is this sexist when the women are in control.
Oh and hey guess what feminist, you have tits, ass, and a vagina. You are going to be seen as a sex object. Blame human nature and biology. Let women be independent and make their own decisions. How much they choose to use their sexuality and how they use it is their own prerogative.

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