Sunday, April 12, 2009

Burlesque Inspiration: Charlie Chaplin

When I was growing up I wasn't really exposed the Chaplin. I knew who he was. I saw some of his clips but never a whole movie. It wasn't until this year that I saw the movie Chaplin staring the sexiest ex-coke fiend Robert Downey Jr.
I want to be that bottle.

I was watching the movie and just noticed the timing of his acts and the genius of being obsured. I realized he's pretty much the definition of burlesque. He dressed up and mocked Hitler as Hynkel in "The Great Dictator"

I highly recommend checking out his movies. I just finished watching "The Gold Rush" and now I need to get myself a giant chicken suit and learn how to do the Oceana Roll.

Enjoy some clips.

This clip is pretty famous.

Check out how bad ass he is on roller-skates!!

For the Lols!

I'm taking notes like woah when I watch his films because his movements and style are amazing.

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