Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's

Should Albuquerque get a Dr. Sketchy's? Would the ABQ burlesque scene benefit?

First, what is Dr. Sketchy's?
Dr. Sketchy's is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement. Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy's asked a simple question. Why can't drawing naked people be sexy?

Here's our attempt at an answer.

We combed New York to find the most beautiful burlesque dancers, the most bizarre circus freaks, and the most rippling hunks of man. Then, every other Saturday, we let you draw them for three hours. Interspersed with posing are comedy skits and ridiculous drawing contests (best left handed drawing? Best incorporation of a woodland animal?) where you can win booze or prizes.

Where are they?
They are in 80 cites and counting around the world. The closest to Albuquerque is Phoenix, AZ. and Denver, CO.

So let's answer the two questions up top. Should Albuquerque start one? Yeah why not? It's worth a shot.
Would the burlesque scene benefit? Definitely. If the world doesn't know by now about the rocking scene here, I think having a Dr. Sketchy's would help. Just saying.

Now, I've never been to one of the events. Why? Well, I think location has something to do with it. Would I go to one the next time I'm in a city with a Dr. Sketchy's. Yup. I intend to.

So I put it to the public. Should Albuquerque start a Dr. Sketchy's?

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