Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can we say” busy week”?

All moved out of the old apartment. Most of my things are moved into the townhouse. Thankfully, Paul has the rest of August to move his bedroom and office over. No more moving after this. Ever. We seriously want to buy this townhouse. Spaced themed housewarming party soon!

The trip to Roswell was nice. Got to meet a lot of Paul’s relatives and go swimming. I got to attend my first and hopefully last Catholic mass. I started falling asleep. No wonder they make you stand up and sit down. Totally snoresville. But lots of good food was eaten and I hope Paul’s uncle is raising hell in heaven.

We stopped in Ruidoso on our way back. Had lunch with Paul’s friend Chad and found the Batmobile. This time it was the one from Batman Forever. Eh. But a Batmobile none the less.DSC03973DSC03972

I still need a job. For two months.. I’ve so been putting off the job hunting because of the great upheaval. But now, I needs the money. Anybody know of anything?

More unpacking and sorting and cleaning to do. And more pictures!

DSC03989Paul and Fritz getting ready to go for a spin. DSC03976Heading back from Roswell, we say this rainbow over a valley near Belen. DSC03982  I made a fringe belt out of two t-shirts.DSC03984DSC03988My hooping corner. <3

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