Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Burlesque show for a Rape Crisis Centre not sitting well with some
Hmm.On one hand I can see this causing some trouble. Anything dealing with sex should probably be kept as far away from anything dealing with sex/explotation. On another, I totally agree with it.
"Feminist writer and former Queen's University academic Fionola Meredith said the inclusion of a burlesque dancer who bares her breasts in her shows was a "mistake".
"The Rape Crisis Centre is a great cause, and it deserves all the support and fundraising it can get. But engaging a burlesque star as part of the International Women's Day Cabaret is a mistake, and one that is in rather bad taste. Forget post-feminism and irony - Northern Ireland remains an old-fashioned sexist's paradise where women's rights are very far down the political agenda," she said. "Having a half-naked dancer prancing around provocatively in leopardskin stockings and bra simply reinforces the idea that women are first and foremost sexual objects."

It's quotes like this that make my head hurt and make me want to scream " YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!!"
"Eileen Calder, a veteran Northern Ireland feminist campaigner and co-director of the Belfast Rape Crisis Centre, justified the decision to invite Amber Topaz to perform. "Women are taking back their sexuality and there is a vast difference between erotica and pornography. We don't exist to promote prudishness, I believe women are entitled to be sexual beings and feel comfortable in their sexuality.

"Our femininity is not something we should be ashamed of."

The"offender" in question.

This is why I agree with it; I know so many girls, (myself included) who have benefited from doing burlesque. You get an amazing confidence and self respect boost. As it states in the article, lots of shows are attended by a majority of women. Lots of troupes are lead by women. How is this sexist when the women are in control.
Oh and hey guess what feminist, you have tits, ass, and a vagina. You are going to be seen as a sex object. Blame human nature and biology. Let women be independent and make their own decisions. How much they choose to use their sexuality and how they use it is their own prerogative.

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