Saturday, March 14, 2009

Choreography: You be a pain in my ass

It's easier for me to choreograph a burlesque piece because: I don't have to be serious.
I don't have to have a lot of moves. Keep it simple. Keep it sexy/sassy. Keep it silly.
It's harder for me to choreograph a belly dance piece because: Every fucking steps wants to allude me when I start to choreograph. I can walk around and figure out moves, but put them to music and everything leaks out of my brain. Errrrr. 
I'm trying to keep it simple as well. Three steps, repeat in any order. Smile. Mmmm. I'm taking fucking classes. Come on! I know dance steps. Why won't you come out of my head. Why do I only remember the egyptain walks?

The only way I can really hammer down the steps is to sit with mu ipod and write, rewind, write and rewind and write to get something out. Then go about practicing the moves, adding or subtracting as needed.

What are the ways you figure out your choreography?

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