Friday, April 17, 2009


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So I did it. Tuesday 4/14 was my last day at my office job of 4 years. Yikes. It's the longest job I've ever had. Now I'm done with it.
For the past couple of days I've been holed in in my boyfriends parents house in the mountains. A nice vacay away from the city where I can watch cable and eat their food. Ahh, the good life.
I plan to get things done. I plan on finishing the choreography to a solo and duet piece for an upcoming show. I also plan on getting some people to chocolate tastings. I also plan on getting a gig or two together for when I head out to Maryland this fall. I want to write that trip off as a business expense and I will!! Just one of the perks of having a home based business. If you know anyone in Maryland who would like some healthy chocolate or a burlesque dancer, hook me up son!
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