Thursday, April 23, 2009

One month to go!

That’s right. One month to get my butt in gear for Burlesque Noir’s Greatest Tits show on May 23rd at the Launchpad.  I’ll be returning to the burlesque stage and hopefully make an ass out of myself (natch).  I am confident with the solo I have choreographed. I just need to practice and practice. The costuming needs to be worked on.  I’m still looking for that one accessory to push it over the top.  There’s only so much glitter can do.  I want to make a nice fascinator and matching clips to go on my shoes.  Methinks a trip to Hobby Lobby I should take.  I wish Vitas was here to help.  He’s pretty fucking fierce!



  1. Vitas - Opera2 has to be the most badass song ever.

  2. Right! He needs to tour the States STAT!!!

  3. No way, it's all about the horror of "Smile."